Garden Master



Solexx Conservatory

8’ to 32’ long and 16’ wide.

Great for small commercial

Or avid gardeners.

8’ to 24’ long and 8’ wide.

This Lean-To greenhouse

Is designed for efficency.

8’ to 24’ long and 8’ wide.

Tall outer walls and

A Gabled roof for Height.

Hobby greenhouse growers love Solexx Greenhouses for their amazing strength and most of all for the quality growth their plants receive from the diffused light of the Solexx Greenhouse covering.

Solexx greenhouse panels keep plants happy!

Solexx Early Bloomer Greenhouse.

8’ long and 8’ wide

Great Starter Greenhouse

Functional and affordable.

Solexx Garden Master

Solexx Harvester

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The Solexx Advantage

     Solexx Greenhouses

8’ to 24’ long and 8’ wide.

This is our most popular


Solexx Garden Oasis

Look at our Solexx

Greenhouses and then shop our store.


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